Hand Packing

handpacking_pageThere are certain products for which hand packing services are preferable to machine packing, particularly with unusual shaped goods, or those which are fragile or breakable. Hand packing also provides an ideal solution when combinations of different products are being packed together, particularly when there is a specific packing order.

Our hand packers provide a quality service that will ensure that your products are packed to your specific requirements. They have worked with a variety of goods including gift packs, toiletry sets, promotional packs and box sets.

If you have a small batch of products, it may not be cost effective to set up a machine packing line. Hand packing is the affordable alternative and the turnaround can be quick. If you are producing a small sample to test the market, or are producing a limited range for a specific event, contact us to discuss our hand packing service.

In response to demand from our clients, we also now offer a rework facility. This service is for when the repackaging of products is required, often due to packaging problems, changes to packaging or transit damage.