Over Wrapping

overwrapping_pageOverwrapping (or cello-wrapping) is a neat tuck and fold style of packaging, similar to how a parcel would be wrapped. It is most commonly used as a top layer, placed over cardboard packaging and as it provides a seal to the packaging, it has many uses.

Over wrapping is useful for controlling products with strong fragrance, such as perfumes and herbal teabags. It also enables products to retain freshness and extends product life, so is used for wrapping goods such as biscuits.

Over wrapping is used for collating multiple boxes, which is useful for twin packs and multipacks. This type of packaging is used as a transit wrap for collating goods for retailers, but also provides a professional finish to products such as boxed bottles of perfume or aftershave.  As with other wrapping solutions, over wrapping prevents tampering with the goods before they reach the consumer.

If you want to find out more about our services, get in touch and we will discuss the options. We are able to offer a range of production runs, but these are typically between 500 units to 500,000 units.