Packing Services


Shrink Wrapping

Shrink wrap is commonly used as a means of overwrapping a range of products, including books, games and gift packs. Shrink wrapping may be used to enhance a product, to keep product clean, to prevent tampering of product or to consolidate multiple products as a single pack.






Flow Wrapping

A quick and economical method of packing a range of products. Items can be wrapped either individually or collated with several other products. We use food grade polypropylene with a crimp seal top and bottom and fin seal running the length of the pack. This is a very popular way of packing marketing & promotional items for door drops and free gifts for packaging inside cereal boxes. The film can be clear or printed in full colour.





shrinksleeving_squareShrink Sleeving

Like a tray of soft drinks would be supplied to a supermarket, shrink sleeved in polythene with both ends open. Sometimes products are banded together using a plain or pre printed PVC shrink sleeve. These are very popular with two for one offers or maybe banding a free gift to product.






Over Wrapping

Exactly as a cigarette packet would be wrapped with each end of the packet being folded up like a parcel. We are currently wrapping 2 for 1 offers for Marks and Spencer. Production runs are typically between 500 units to 500,000 units.





Hand Packing

We offer a range of hand packing services including gift packs, toiletry sets, promotional packs and box sets. In addition to new pack assembly we also offer a rework facility for when you may require products to be repackaged due to packaging problems or transit damage.





labellingbarcodes_squareLabelling and Barcodes

We have a high speed printer for making professional labels of all sizes, including all types of barcodes. Our specialised barcode scanner is able to check barcodes to supermarket standard.